A Complex Problem Requires an Extraordinary Product

The pollutants released during the combustion of all hydrocarbons from coal to natural gas are complex and harmful to the environment, and to us. The simple solution is to replace dirty fuel with a clean burning heat source; enter Enviranized Bio-Fuel™ (EBF). EBF has combustion heat values equivalent to the highest grade bituminous coal, with virtually no pollutants.

Even though the making of EBF is a very technical science, the basic premise on which it reduces pollutants is astoundingly simple. It is as elemental as replacing a certain portion of your pollution rich fuel with EBF. For every percentage unit of EBF introduced into the fuel burn, by that weighted percentage the harmful pollutants are reduced, while maintaining the thermal requirements of the facility.

EBF is made entirely from renewable biomass and therefore CO2 neutral. It is engineered to have better physical handling, storage, and burn consistency than coal. EBF is an extraordinary product that is a simple answer to the very complex environmental problems of today. Furthermore, this is accomplished without modification of your current solid fuel system.

Enviranized Biofuel™/Coal

  Sub-Bituminous & Bituminous A Coal Enviranized Biofuel™
Calorific 8,000 11,500 to 13,500 BTU/lb.
Hydrophobic Yes (Only When Ash Free) Yes (No Mineral Based Ash)
Hardgrove Grindability Index 40 to 70 50 to 80
Slagging Index Up to 10.0 Approx 0.55
Pollutants Yes Major Pollutants are NONDETECTABLE
100% Renewable No Yes
CO2 Neutral No Yes
Mass to Volume Ratio Equal Equal

The EnviraCarbon Companies

Envira Char

EnviraChar applications may remedy many of the worst environmental and societal issues faced worldwide from climate change to world hunger.

Envira PAC

The EnviraPAC Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) is the only powder activated carbon in the world produced in an environmentally friendly way.